A Seed Grows With No Sound

A Seed Grows With No Sound are a series of sculptures, audio and moving image projections that explore the politics of the process of collecting and extracting material and specimens from the natural world. The work explores and utilises archival and display methods used in conchological and botanic collections to discuss colonialism, ritual, identity, patriarchy and class that are associated with human engagement with the natural world. Ritual and an exploration of spiritualism connected to nature reverberate throughout the exhibition. The arrangement of plaster sculpture works ‘Ancestral Healing’ references a ritualistic practice of mandala making, the victorian practice of diatom art and cathedral rose windows. The audio track accompanying the two channel moving image projection A Seed Grows with No Sound was produced using the biodata of a Kentia palm, translating and recording the electrical frequencies of the plant through an audio production software. The Kentia palm was noted to be Queen Victoria’s favourite plant and it was documented that she had requested them to be at her funeral.